Help...Spine disconnect

Can someone please help. I thin I am almost there with this rig and I had my spine working just fine. Then after completing the rest of the rig, I went back to the spine to find that the Spine 1 when rotated disconnects from the Deform bone connected to Spine1. Illustrations and the file to check are below. I checked parenting and constraints. They appear to be exactly the same from earlier versions of the rig when the spine worked. The pelvis and all other spine bones work and revolve as planned but spine 1 separates from the deform bone when I attempt to rotate it. Any help greatly appreciated. I am getting my Blender wings going all…getting there.

test.blend (2.42 MB)

It is pivoting just where you put your cursor. Are you sure you want your pivot point to be the cursor? If you switch to medium point I think that is what you are after.

I was just testing the bones with to make sure everything was all right. The deform bone is connect to the control bones. I use the control bones for turning or rotating. That is not to say I would use my Spine1 bone for movement. But when texting all the control bones for functionality, all the spine control bones work just fine. But when rotating Spine1 the deform Spine1 separates. Not sure why. Parenting appears to be correct as well as constraints.

Your constraints need to be local space. Your pivot needs to be as said before. If that doesn’t solve, please tell me specifically what you are doing to make this happen. IE Rotating what axis? Moving what else?

Thanks stilltrying,

yes that was it. As much as I looked at the constraints, I missed one that was set at world space and yes, it should be set at median point when rotating. Of course I was not trying to rotate the deform bone but the control bone so all is well. Thanks again. That took care of it.

Yea! :yes: