Help spot problem with script please ?

Well I am still learning python I just started a day ago and I am trying to integrate a movement script I made, I have been looking and looking and i cannot find out what I am doing wrong or missed. If anyone could take a look please and thank you =)


3rd person2.blend (288 KB)

in your movement you define “sprint” twice, once as a keyboard sensor, the second as a float variable (line 38)
you didn’t connect your mousemovement sensor to the mouselook1 controller
3)you didn’t connect an UpDown actuator (motion) on the camera you needed.
i have fixed it but probably not in the way you want it, but compare the two to fix the errors.
HINT read the terminal. that’s all i did. read the last printed error, e.g

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "Mouse Look1", line 254, in (module)
File "Mouse Look1", line 49, in main
File "Mouse Look1", line 207, in useMouselook
Keyerror: 'requested item "UpDown" does not exist'

that keyerror is what the script can find (the sensor isnt attatched to)
and the last call (207) will help you identify what it is calling for.3rd person2.blend (288 KB)

Thank you after you pointed out the sprint I went in and was able to fix it =) so far this is all i can figure out how to do …I got a list of all these functions can use but idk how I would use em XD from some website lol I guess I got some tinkering to do XD

yeah, well i’ve only been using ge python for about 3 months, know pretty much what i need. just look at other peoples scripts