Help ~ Steps to my Modeling goals.

I’m very new to Blender, but what I have seen, it is far beyond what I’d ever use it for, at least far beyond what I could ever see me using it for. I have one goal with blender, and am so overwhelmed by it’s abilities that I haven’t the slightest idea on where to start.

My needs with blender, are to take a model of a person (I have gotten that far) and rig clothing to it, that I would make, and have the model ‘wear’ them, without any cloth physics or anything. Just a blob of mesh, shaped and formed to look like a clothing item, and follow the person’s movements. so my question, really would be, how do you do that? what steps would I have to work from, knowing next to nothing about Blender, aside from the fact it could handle my needs without breaking a sweat. :confused:

The_Gem, I don’t want to make you feel bad, but I’ve been at blender for about 4 years now, I still don’t know it inside out, I use belnder for a number of hours a day - I’m learning stuff all the time. I’ve no idea how long you’ve been at it, but I would suggest to just hang in there, practice, check other tuts, look at other peoples blends from - and if you’ve the money, check out blender’s e-shop for books and dvd training.

What you want to do, may sound a simple enough task - we see it in films and adverts etc all the time, but the experience of those people who produce it and also the amount of people that can be involved is hidden to most non CG artists, but just to do this kind of stuff really well takes a lot of time to learn. If you’re looking for a quicker approach I’d suggest Daz Studio or Poser - although that said, prepare to take several months or even a year or so to get fully sorted. :wink:

Ok, the clothes mesh thing is a challenging problem. I haven’t yet conquered it so hopefully someone who has can set you perfectly straight, but here are a few ideas:

  • if you make the clothing verts have identical weights as the “skin” underneath, it will come close to working. How I would attempt this is: rig/skin the naked mesh completely, select the “shirt” verts, add them to a new Vertex Group named “Beneath Shirt”, Shift+d to duplicate them, Alt+s to scale along face normals, then click Remove in the Object Data > Vertex Group UI to get the shirt verts out of the “Beneath Shirt” group.

  • Consider a Mask Modifier. Even with the bone weighting identical like that, the relative geometry should end up causing intersection. So for each article of clothing add a Mask Modifier referencing “Beneath Shirt”, “Beneath Pants”, etc. This will hide those skin verts. You might have to tweak the group by removing some of the verts under the sleeve openings.

  • What is up with the “no sims” requirement? Cloth sims are as amazing as they are easy. Select the shirt by hovering over it then pressing “l”, and separate it temporarily by hitting “p,s”. Go to the Physics properties for the shirt, enable Cloth, then go to the main mesh to enable Collision. Now, scroll through the Timeline to a place where it look right, and in the Modifier properties click Apply on the Cloth Sim. Shift+Select the main mesh and Ctrl+j if you really want them to be the same object. When you’ve done each article of clothing disable Collision from the main mesh. Click for click this is a great way to get good wrinkles without much work.

There are surely more techniques, but these are some things to try. If any step is unclear (or doesn’t work!), let us know.


Jay-artist, thank you for being brutally honest, I’m sure it will take months, atleast, and thats if I am on blender for hours on end a day (And I have been!)

rking, from what I see, the cheating to get wrinkles is a good idea, but I dont know if that would work for what I am going for, I could, I suppose, use that to get the base of the clothing item, and then add the ‘stiff’ details with a lot of extruding and tweaking…

I love the extrude ability xD going from ‘second Lifes’ building feature to Blender is like going from a Geo to a Lamborghini. haha

I didn’t want to be harsh, sorry though I didn’t specifically answer your question, basically what I’m saying is don’t feel that you’re going to crack everything overnight, if you have it in your head that it takes time to get something learnt, whatever technique, it takes a bit of the stress off. One day it’ll dawn on you that you are there, and the journey might have been long, but you wont notice it because it was fun, and you didn’t quit because it was difficult or overwhelming. :wink:

Sorry for intruding this thread, but I have an in-topic question: could anybody suggest good clothing tutorials, both for static models and animations? Even general guidelines or a commonly accepted general workflow would be ok. Indeed, clothing is a hard subject in modeling. You may model a naked body with the correct topology and all, but then everything falls apart in the clothing phase (this often happens to me).

s12a, your having the same problem as I am, I’ve followed tutorials on how to model various things, but now that I have my mesh human, I’m lost on how to make a collared shirt and tie for him, we are in the same boat, I didn’t think anyone would be trying to do similar things xD

Jay-artist, you weren’t harsh, you where honest! I just hope the journey of learning how to use what Blender can do to fit my needs is worth the effort, It’s not overly hard, or quit worthy, I know what I need to do, It’s just, being able to pull it off… That’s where my troubles lie. I might have to hire someone to be my ‘Blender Mentor’ or sorts! lol