Help : Stoopid Quad "Seams"

hope someone can help me, cos this is driving me nuts!

i’m doing a simple extruded spike thing as part of a costume, and for some reason one side is genning up the quad w/ a totally different “cross seam” than the other and i can’t get it do do it differently.

there’s no mods on it, the normals are all good, i’ve tried deleting and recreating that face, it still creates w/ that seam cross-wise, making the quad bend in the wrong way.

short of knifing the seam in and using tris, how do i solve this?


I’d say you want to make both sides tri’s. Both sides are bent quads anyways, and I’m pretty sure you don’t want those.

Top right picture, widget X axis, merge left vertex to the right one with alt+M. Perhaps that could work.

Would need to see the whole mesh it connects to and how this part of it could be done differently.

quad should be flat or co planar and not srewed up
otherwise it can make strange rendering

happy bl

cheers all.
yeah, the "bent"ness would have been straightened a bit better so the quads were just in effect bent in half, but i got distracted trying to get the damn thing to crease teh same way on both sides before polishing, lol.

i like to try and keep quad geometry, but in this case i think i’ll knife both, as advised.


IIRC (It’s been a while since I explored that particular problem) the order you add verts affects where Blender puts the crease. Or, if you are extruding faces, the order Blender adds the verts.

Why not eliminate the problem face altogether by merging its bottom vert to its top vert? Doesn’t seem like that would change the shape of your model.

when i started in 3D i used a prog called Milkshape, and that had a system whereby if you selected the verts clockwise or anticlockwise it determined which way the normal faced, not noticed such a thing in Blender but maybe you’re right. i’ll merge the verts to keep things tidy, was just annoying me to lose my quad geometry.