HELP Strange camera behavior!!

when i’m in the edit mode, everything locks normal, untill i enter the camea view, then something strange happend!, when I use the midle mouse buttom to exit the camera morde, the camera stays on the view but change it’s position, same thing happend when i try to zoom to fit the window whit the camera view, the camera is changing its position. how can i make the camera act normal agen? have no ide’ why this is hapening! :frowning:

It sounds like your panning (shift+mouse) or using a checkbox (can’t remember name) in the “N” panel, see if you have a box ticked.

i have alredy cheked that, and everything locks normal, still the camera is fucking whit me :S

solved teh problem bi saving and restarting blender, thx 4 the help

in the properties panel (N key) uncheck “lock camera to view”.