HELP! Stuck in Interface Settings!

I pulled the interface settings down from the top and it stuck to bottom of window and somehow I cannot get back to 3D view to edit…How do i get back to the interface…

thanks anyone who knows

Pull it back up.
If you can’t do that, then split the view horizontally, and change back to 3D View.
Or just close blender, and open it again.

really appreciate you response, but it does not allow me to split the window, and when i save and call it back it is in the same state…

File / Load Factory Settings


but then it deletes all your data

Ctrl-Up/Down arrow maybe ?

Do what Richard Said,
then Save Default Settings
It’ won’t erase any data, just go ahead and open a new file.
And do that.
you might want to read through this, you can skip ahead to the
“Configuring the screen your way”

Jawra! You were right…Ctrl Up twice restored it.

Load Factory Settings does delete your data…

All of this really is kind of irrelevant since there will be a whole new interface to use in about 4 weeks or less, but for anyone with this problem, read above for solution.

and thanks Jawra!