Help submiting an improvement to blender - Node Wrangler

Hi, I made a small improvement to the Node Wrangler addon and I was encouraged by one of the Blender core team to submit it. The issue is that while I know enough to understand and change a py script, I have zero knowledge on submitting this for approval/implementation. I tried to follow this guide but it seems to miss the basics of setting up and I have little time researching this atm.
Can someone with more experience submit this change? I don’t care about credits.


You have to take a look to links relative to “Arcanist Use” or “Diff file upload” to figure out about the basics.
You need an account on to provide description of the patch and comment patch page.

I currently have a bit of time on my hands and can look into how to submit a patch for an addon. Can’t be too difficult… I hope :sweat_smile:

I’ve seen there is someone with your username on Is that you? Even if you don’t care about it I think you should be properly credited.

Thanks! it would be great, especially since you’re the man in the shadow :wink:.
And yes that’s me. I can help writing the description/motivation.

If you could make a rough draft for what you’d like the description to include and post it here or send me a DM that would be great! :slight_smile:

Also we should collect a few materials that include all the maps added with the patch to make it easy for reviewers to test the patch and confirm that it works.
They should be CC0 so we have can share them directly in the patch description.

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I will have the files and description ready in the morning.

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After submitting a patch for Node Wrangler (see D14134) we would need another user to test it for a bit to make sure everything works as expected.

So, if you’re using Node Wrangler regularly it would be greatly appreciated, if you could switch to the version in the patch for a bit and leave a comment on the patch, if everything works as expected or you encounter any issues with the added feature :slight_smile:

Here is the most recent version of the addon from the patch: (226.5 KB)

To use it simply deactivate Node Wrangler that is shipped with Blender and install the version above.

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:partying_face: The patch got included today! Thanks everyone! Leon, we can :beers:



Congrats on your first code contribution! :partying_face:

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Cheers! :tada: