HELP!!! Subsurf makes Blender CRASH!

Hi everyone!

I’m really having trouble using Blender because every time I subsurf something, or open a file with subsurf, it crashes! (also when I do something with too complicated calculations, like blurred reflections). This is also effecting Gimp. What’s the problem?

By the way, this computer is old, Windows98, 0.8GHz, 20GB, maybe that has to do with it, but it worked a week ago…:confused:


It may well be your hardware, but I would still try deleting or moving the b.blend file and restarting. It should be in your install directory. In linux, it is stored in my home directory.

The b.blend file is the defaults file.

Best of Luck!

check for TSR =background print or update checkers and spybots and virus checkers that hog RAM - use control panel to kill them and free up RAM for Blender.

tried both moving and deleting b.blend file, blender still starts, and still crashes when I open it or do anything complex, especially with subsurf.

PapaSmurf: I don’t know exactly what you mean, I’m not that good with computers :slight_smile:

ok, I let this sit for a while, but it’s been getting worse, f.e. whenever I type in a number with over two characters (even - . 2 ) it crashes. often the blue windows error window comes up and tells me this is some OE problem… probably a dll is missing…anybody got an idea which that could be??

It seems one of the spambots that infected your system is not fully compatible with Windows 98. Calling the botnet operator for support may be futile because

  • he speaks Chinese only
  • he switched to Windows XP six years ago

You said you where using an old PC which means it could be possible that your RAM modules have had there day, replace or get a new computer.