Help subsurface

anybody can suggest to me a good tutorial to learn how to model hard surface with subsurface. I mean, cars, aircraft, spaceship, and stufs like that. I though I was able but I lack in the basis.
Anybody can help me please?

here’s a great tutorial for modelling a porsche -

if you’re interested in modelling more cars, the best way is to use blueprints and reference pics. here’s a great blueprint website:

btw, use it as a background image if you didn’t know.

hope this is what you meant!


thanks very much. Do you know other tut on modeling hard surface.

Be careful using the term subsurface. I actually do this too. Subsurface usually refers to subsurface scattering which is a way to simulate skin. I think what you mean is subdivision surface modelling.

To get hard edges on a subdiv surface, you can add more edge loops by pressing k and then making a loop close to a desired edge. You can also crease edges by selecting edges and then doing shift-e.

Edge creasing means you have less geometry but the edge loop method gives your edges a more bevelled shape so it catches specular highlights and so looks more realistic.

There’s a video tutorial by Grebeard here