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I’m making a first person puzzel, and I need some help…

My intention is that when you come close to the door, you can see a codepanel, put in the right code, you swith mack to the main scene, and the door will open.

But now you can’t return to the main scene(code pannel is still white and has no keys but it will do for now) because the player is still positiond in the range of the door so you’l swith back to the code pannel so fast that you can’t even notice… So I need it to detect me the firt time with a range of 5, is disabled or something until I’m 6.5 units away, and be resettedangain to detect me the next time…

plz help on hew to realize this

thx in advance,


Some one plz help!

If you need anny additional information plz tell me…

Note that everything what I dit so far was done with logic brick, no phyton… And I believe that you don’t need to know phyton to sove this problem(I think so, I don’t know any phyton myself…)

Here I changed your file.


the last sphere2.blend (538 KB)

it looks cool but lol paashaas it is not “phyton” its python.


this is cool!!, but lolz,… whats the code??lolz

ok thx for the tipXD

I never thease kind of logicbricks, but thx you sooooo much…


The code is 1234 and the botom right button to enter. Bottom left is to clear.
You can change the code in the property sensor Property1 (Scene new 1).

Code Block:
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
C 0 E



This is really great, I’m going to do levels, and probally post in on kongreagate, were I got my inspiration(this is in unity, you might need to install the unity web player for playing)

thx again, I wil post you name in the description of the game(if I post on kongreagat(never did that before))