[Help] Sword

Hello everybody, I’ve just begun Blender 2 days ago. I am trying to make a sword :
And I want to put it in a game ( Mount and Blade Warband) but I can’t make this sword ! I tried a lot of time but failed. I am here for ask you if someone can make this sword for me and send me the file. If someone can, could he do the modelling and textures ? Thank you very much !! :slight_smile:

This is by no means a finished product, but you can look at the .blend file and see how everything is set up and learn how to make your own better version.


May I also suggest you check out some tutorials.

The only way to learn is to study and practice.

I tried everything with following all of them but I can’t make it… I just want a person to make it.

And it’s only a sword with his modelling and texture that I want nothing more.

Look into BlendSwap

Well… I don’t want to pay for 1 request…

You can get free models on BlendSwap.

Also, why did you make two replica titled threads? In your other thread I attached a tutorial video and linked to a free download.