Help!Team needed!

Me and my sister want to create a little indie game.We are coming up with things for it but i dont know how to model script or anything like that(i can make walls and rooms though)and i cant texture, neither can my sister…I want to know if anyone can help???It takes place in an asylum, your a patient and something happens that lets all the crazy people out and you get locked in the building with all the crazy people who try to kill and/or eat you.You have to escape but you need to find the screwdriver to get into the vents(which is just like a maze) and escape through an outside vent.There will be a certain type of monster in the vent(its blind and deph but it can feel your vibrations in the vent.You can get past it by moving very slowly)Jeff the killer will be in the asylum and he is fast so hope you dont run into him.You can pick the players gender(that is two different people) and name them to!Help?Anyone???

Ok, I can give you
A raw game, that from dissection you can learn my coding style :slight_smile:

this is without any python, using only logic :slight_smile:

I can also rig/build/code for you, you will need a texture artist, and a “Hard-modeler”
I can model anything in the rough, and it can be “upgraded” by a “Hard-modeler”
(they take a high poly and bake down a low poly+normal map) this way you can use little Cpu to do alot

I have a few “in pocket” games
these have most likely the pieces you will need to make your game :slight_smile:
only thing, we split ad revenue, and you help sketch, draw, mix or regurgitate ideas for

Goals for gameplay
Goals for style

where do you plan on sharing it?
I need a team, writers, sketchers, thinkers makers and hackers, and texture ninjas
I have a game engine on its way,

What the hell are you talking about, this not your project, you are not even part of the team.

And ‘hard modeler’ is not what you described, stop spreading wrong information.

I was offering to help. I am not sure what you want, but if it is to help them, by all means, but I don’t like trolls,

What is a “hard” modeler then?

what are you even doing?

@BluePrintRandom Rather unique way of offering help?

@LilLink210 I would happilly help you but as Josip Kladaric said, you do need more detail on exactly what you want doing, perhaps some drawings of models or monsters you want making? or a plan view of the whole map? although you may know exactly what you want your game to look like, people who will help you make it also need to know.

Well, I can throw the game together in moments, as I have the rigs laying around, I just want to help ALL of us make money, and get art in the wild, and eat…

I have 4 games in the works, I need team members, and if I help you help me…

one hand washes the other,

I am odd, and I am sorry but I am me :slight_smile:

Fair enough, express yourself however suits you
Well certainly a rig would be easy to add too?
what sort of project do you need work on?

I have a few but the hardest one, that needs the most love called Wrectified, its a 3rd and 1st person, puzzle/rts/real time dynamic building game, I have
A rig for a physical walk cycle,
I have a component properties editor and a lift/linkage system
I have a story, some models, and a 3d modeler,
The idea is this, enemies are made of components, these are assembled to have fun or solve puzzles
The levels will be made of chunks for lod etc,

level = chunks
enemies = components or armatures (robots or organic)
Team = protagonist (proto?)+ people who follow you and pick up components (this is part of the rts) while also fighting or healing etc,
weapons+armor - made by placing components in a “recyclery” that mixes / rebuilds a new thing

So I need ,
Component coding - I have been using collision based interaction from components linked via 6dof
I need various systems that add up to vehicles, power systems, etc…
Component models - like “motor”-already made by akira_b

enemy system designs,
like vehicles-seats etc + weapons, sensors, and a computer,

I don’t mean whole projects, I mean, here is a rig, learn, and if you need help, I am here, trolling is not helping, in fact :slight_smile:

my project progresses, I need to get more art assets, etc, In short, I need a team, I am not sure what you want me to do,

If I solve your problems, you are free to help me with mine,

friends are good…

BluePrintRandom, Please don’t hijack someone elses thread.

LilLink210, as suggested it would be beneficial if you could supply more info on what you are wanting to achieve. From your post it sounds like you want to create a game but have very little knowledge on how to do so or the amount of work is needed.
I suggest you set your expectations to a realistic level.
Remember this is your project so you are responsible for it. If you get other people wanting to help you out, are you prepared to keep this project going and not just waste their time and effort when it just dies like most game projects.

I didn’t, I was here offering to help, I should have corresponded over private, but I am still here to help,

Fair enough, express yourself however suits you
Well certainly a rig would be easy to add too?
what sort of project do you need work on?