Help testing a game (Linux)

I wanted to contibute to the Blender code but decided that I needed to brush up on my OpenGL, quaternions, vector math, etc. first. I wrote this Rubic’s cube program and was wondering if the elysiun community would help me test the base code on various video cards.

The code is linux only for now (GPL). SDL and SDLmixer libraries are required to be installed. Decompress this file in your home directory

enter the ‘myogl’ directory created and run the ‘driver’ program and you should have a virtual Rubic’s Cube to play with. To delete the program just delete the directory. Play with the source code if you wish!!

Instructions for use:

-Left clicking, not on the cube, and draging acts like a track ball rotating the entire cube
-Middle clicking anywhere and dragging rotates the entire cube on the axis into the screen.
-Left clicking on a cube face and dragging rotates the cube on that face axis
-Right clicking and draging along a layer rotates that layer of the cube. The rotation happens when you release the button.

<tab> toggle cube bevels
<space> toggle display cube axis r,g,b
<f8> toggle fullscreen
<f9> toggle hi/low resolution

<r,g,b> hold down the one of the r,g,b keys and press 1 or F1 or one of the arrow keys. Also try 2,3,F2,F3
Note: toggle display cube axis to see whats going on.

<arrow keys/home/end> rotate the entire cube in various ways.

Thanks to all that participate.

neat …i’ll try it out a bit later …ATM i’m serriously underpowered - just got back from work


The graphics work fine here (GeForceFX)

Rotating a layer causes the whole cube to rotate - only the layer should rotate. It ‘goes insane’ until the rotation has finished.
It needs a randomise function, so I can solve it. :wink:

nice …but as alien_xmp already said - the effect on rotating a layer is a bit troublesome

Thanks for taking a look at the program, I would have responded sooner but was gone for the weekend with the kids.

The ‘goes insane’ when rotating a layer doesn’t happen with me ?? Its just a nice smooth layer rotation here .

If you have the developement SDL and OpenGL libraries installed would you please try a 'make clean" and then a ‘make’ in the myogl directory, I’m hoping that compiling for your particular libraries will solve this. I’ve stepped through the program with ddd and can’t see whats wrong as it works perfectly here.

As for the shuffle, there’s still a lot to be done ie: menus, turn counter, timer, puzzle type (works on cubes from 2x2 to 5x5 in size), saving, and eventually python scripting of various solution algorithms. I just wanted to test the base engine. Which apparently isn’t working as expected on other machines.

Thanks again for taking the time to try it out,