Help: Text on textures is reversed

I got a monster truck model from the internet.
I want to use it in a game I’m making for my son (he loves monster trucks more than he loves me:)).
I’m having a problem, and I don’t entirely understand it: the textures all look good, everything is in the right place, but the writing on the truck is reversed. You can see this in the picture. The writing on the front and rear bumpers is also reversed.

I’ve Googled around and read about inverting my normals (which I think I’ve tried, to no effect) and mirroring things (which didn’t seem to work), but I don’t really know what I’m doing: I’m a programmer, not a 3D artist, and am anyway totally new to Blender.
I’ve attached my .blend file, and it can also be found here:!74569&authkey=!AEzVSPgd5bJ4BcA&ithint=file%2Cblend


Max_D.blend (7.55 MB)

Look at your UVs, they are flipped on the x axis for the side shown below

Flip them by scaling by -1 on the x axis (S X -1) or use the mirror option


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Apologies if I’m missing something (as I said, I’m new).
When I do as you suggested, I get the following:
Did you test your proposed fix, and see it render correctly?
It’s very strange, in the original file, everything on the truck is in the right place and the edges all match up, but all of the text is backwards (even on the roof). The flame and bolt patterns are just where they should be (I checked vs an image of the actual truck, however.
I can probably hack this by just manually editing the textures and flipping the text so it is actually backwards in the texture, so that, when wrapped around the vehicle, it will flip again and so appear the right way around, but I’d hoped to gain a better understanding of the problem than that.
Thanks anyway for your help so far!
If you or anyone else has any more advice to offer I’d love to hear it.


I can finally fully answer my own question now:)

Firstly, thanks Richard Marklew, you were completely right, but I didn’t really understand what I was doing enough to make sense of it.
Most of the UVs for my truck were backwards, some were mis-scaled, poorly aligned, it was a mess really.

To fix the various problems I was having, I had to:
Select the correct object in the outliner pane (the “body”, in my case);
Switch to “Edit” mode in the 3d model pane;
Right-click on a vertex on the model that I was interested in;
See where the highlighted vertex on the model compared to the highlight on the UV/ Image Editor (left on the model should equal left on the UV/Image thingy in my case);
Hit “L” to select the whole panel;
Then any combination of:
G (to move the UV “mesh” around);
S (to scale the UV “mesh”)
R (to rotate the UV “mesh”).

Specifically for the door panel that was giving me trouble (lots of the truck was backwards, including the interior) I actually edited the BMP texture file to create another “side” to the truck (the original file had one complete side, and an extra bit to flip the writing around, but in the end I gave up fiddling around with that).