Help! Texture Paint not working!

Self explantory:
i have a material and everything but it’s still not working.
Tell me what to do.

volcano.blend (2.1 MB)

What are you trying to texture paint? The volcano object I assume?

  • It has no material.
  • Therefore no texture map to paint onto
  • It’s also not UV unwrapped

Didn’t you say it has no material and no UV map?

Yes. The version I downloaded from your message above has no material on the volcano object nor is it UV unwrapped. I added a material, added a new image texture, UV unwrapped it and I was able to texture paint on it straight away

Oh yeah, i did not save it haha.
So why is it not working on my end?
i cannot draw on the mesh or in the image editor.

I don’t know. Why not upload the saved version?

Ok try now:
volcano.blend (2.9 MB)

Are you still here?

Hi, your second file works fine at my end, no problems painting.

You have an empty texture set as a brush texture. Click the X to clear it

I already got it working! also thanks

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i just needed to change it from material to single image!