HELP! : Texture painting...

Hello everyone! :cool:

I have faced up a little problem : I have a model, which is perfectly textured in “Generated” mapping. I want to texture paint the model but to do that I have to put the texture in uv mapping… I tried to uv map my model but I can’t do it as perfect as the “Generated”… So the question is : Can I convert in any way, the “Generated” mapping to uv without changing the whole mapping of the texture??

You can bake your generated texture. Go to your render tab in the properties, then under bake, select the mode “textures”. Hit bake.

Thank you for the reply! I have the texture, I mean, the generated stands for the mapping, not for the texture…
Or just you mean to bake it after I unwrap the model ??

Perhaps you need to give us some more details of exactly what you mean by, “generated mapping.” Please give us a brief run-down summary of what you did, step by step, to get to where you now are.

If you are, as you say, painting onto the object, then there will by definition be some form of UV-map in place even if that map is automatically generated … and since you are “merely painting” (as opposed to trying to wedge an existing image in-place), it doesn’t matter so much what mapping is applied to the model that you’re painting as long as it covers the entire surface without overlaps. (The arrangement of source maps, where data is coming from, might require more time and attention.)

But, nevertheless, I don’t feel at this point that I have a crystal-clear idea of what scenario you’re talking about here. Please elaborate.

Do it like this :

You have your generated texture :

In Edit Mode, setup the UV/Image editor and click on Image -> New Image, set the dimension of the texture you want. Then you unwrap your model and obtain an UV

As JO5EF said, you now bake with “Texture” selected next to “Bake Mode” and press then the Bake button

And here it is, your UV has now the generated texture baked in it :

In the UV/Image editor screen you should now Click on Image -> Save As Image to save this baked texture and not lose it in case of a wrong manipulation.

Ok! Yeah, actually this solves my problem… I just have to make a new image, unwrap the model (but in the texture mapping I will keep generated) and then bake the texture and change the mapping to uv…

Thank you!! :slight_smile:

“Baking,” of course, refers to the process of calculating the (procedural…) texture result for each face of the object and storing it, according to the UV-map, into a static image. Now you can, by appropriate mumblings and magickal spells ;), substitute an image-based texture based on the bakery output for the more-expensive procedure you were using before.

For what it’s worth, when doing things like this I always keep both versions. All objects are stored in library files which are linked-to by the project. Those library files (and the subdirectory where they live) contain both the “bakery source” object, which isn’t linked-to, the bake-output imagery, all the maps, and a second identical object which has the baked-on image texture. This second object is the one that’s linked-to in the project. The library therefore has both the object and everything else that’s needed to (re-)prepare it for use. Everything uses relative directory-paths as necessary.