Help texturing a tire!

I have been trying to use a UV image to texture the threads of a tire. I started with a plane as you can see, and it looked fine when rendered. Then i spin duped the plane into a circle, and its all stretched out and i can seem to fix it. Did I go about it the wrong way? or is there a way to fix it? Also i realize one of the faces is blank. its because i tried to separate the face to a new object and ad texture it that way, but that didn’t seem to help.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


UV-map the image to each face of the tire


to get around UV-mapping (in case you don’t like it):
In the material buttons (F5), Tab “Map Input”, choose “Tube” instead of “Flat”. To match size and tiling of your texture along the surface, you can use the sizeX ,sizeY, sizeZ sliders on the same Tab.


You could do what Morio or Bartleby said, or you could model it like I did for my tire thanks to
sc_modeler’s tutorial / / /
However if you model the first piece too complex, your computer might lag a bit.
Hope this helps ;).