Help texturing along a curved line

I am using GIMP and Paint.Net to make my textures. I need to bend an edge of the texture along a curve. The GIMP distortion filter is close but the image is so tiny inside the window it is unusable. Any advice would be most welcome.

One work around is to distort the UV map and leave the image straight.

Other than that you may need to make an animated brush in gimp. You make an array of brushes and it uses a different one depending on the angle of the stroke. Alternatively you may want to make a path and then stroke the path with the paintbrush.

Last you can use the shear modifier over and over again. Yuch. Ask over on GimpDome

Perhaps the “Live Path Effects” in Inkscape could help you:
Would mean learning Inkscape - at least, partly - though.

Good luck :slight_smile: