Help, Texturing edges

Hey guys i need a little help :slight_smile: when i try to texturing a corner or the other side of the cube or the other side of a wall the i cant connect the textures…

os what can i do? i tried select the sides and ctr+E and mark but i cant add the right size of the picture when iam in UV mode D:

You will need to align your UVs in the UV/Image Editor window

Check that the UVs have the same orientation, note that one face has half a brick at the top and the other hasn’t, is one UV face inverted

Oh… my gosh im in truble :frowning:

can you post an image about this or a video, this is confusing for me, sorry im neewbie

Not without you first supplying your blend file so we are all working on the same page.
Step 1: Pack all textures into your blend file from the File / External Data menu
Step 2: Save your blend file
Step 3: Upload your blend file to
Step 4: Tell us the download link to your blend file (the page that opens after you have uploaded the file)

okay i solved my problem

but if i wanna unwrap the back of the wall the unwrap selection goes weird… any ideas?