help texturing grapes on cycles

i started making grapes in blender since its my fav fruit , but i encountered problems when it came to texturing and don’t know where to start plz help :c :frowning:

First thing to do is to take some time looking at real grapes, from different angles, different lighting enviroments, etc.
After that (if you’ve carefully observed how the grapes surface interacts with light), texturing should be easier.

Grapes are notoriously difficult to get right (in any package - not just Blender). There is so much going on in the texture. Variation from top to bottom, imperfections, translucency, sub surface scattering etc. As Secrop says, the place to start is look at as much reference as you can, and then build the texture piece by piece.

Thank you guys for the help and i will try to work it out ^^