help this newbie

Ok , I want to create two objects both being mesh cubes.
I delete the default object, add a mesh cube,(tab)go back to object mode,add another cube. Now I am in edit mode and have two cubes , but only one has vetices. I box select the other cube and bingo nothing happens. What I am I doing wrong I want to edit both cubes.

They are two seperate objects if you want to join them into one object , select them both in object mode and use ‘CTRL-J’, then you can edit the vertices of both in edit mode.

…or, if you want the cubes to be 2 separate objects, then you will need to press Tab (to leave Edit mode and go into Object mode), then you will be able to select the other cube. Once the other cube is selected, press Tab (to go into edit mode on the other cube). Hope this makes sense.

If you actually want two objects (a “Blender Term”) then the procedure you’ve followed has given you exactly that, two independant objects.

If you want two cubes but part of the same object, you can use the CTRL-J (join selected meshes command) that Hazza mentioned, or you could just add another cube while you’re still in edit mode, after adding the first cube. You can always seperate the “objects” … (vertice collections) later by pressing ‘p’ (edit/vertices/seperate).


Thanks got it,