Help to clean almost finished sculpt

Hello guys,

Today i took the day only to apprimorate my ability with sculpt, well, i think is good for now, im far away to be a good sculpter, but i wanna be good someday.

This is my sculpt for now and i wanna know what i can do to make the mesh clean, the base forms are there (need to make ear yet). There’s already 1 million polygon and i cant subdivide more because my pc cant handle.

There’s a example of a clean sculpted mesh so you can understand what i mean.



To be honest, I am not quite sure what you mean by ‘clean’…Retopo? Smooth?

The main difference that I see between your sculpt and the other is that he/she has probably retopo’d a few times, smoothed the mesh quite a bit more, and is using a matcap material to display it. Also, 1mil verts is pretty low for a baking sculpt, imo.

Good luck,

Smooth, my face is not smooth like this one. I think i will try to use sculptris to see if the result is the same or to see if he can handle more polygons. Thks.

Yeah, this mesh was made with sculptris and i tried, its really good, easy to use and better.

Use the Multires Modifier instead of subdividing.

I think you’re worrying about detail too much and too early, also, the smooth brush doesn’t hurt.