Help to debug 'find_node_operation: Failed for (BONE_DONE, '')'

Hello. I’ve got these error messages only in the console in a big file, I can’t understand what are they saying. This is the console when I open the file:

These are the cameras:

You can see that the DOF target is an object (empty). Furthermore it seems to me that all is working good in the file. Can you help me debug these errors?

edit. added second camera data

First thing I’d do is test the DOF. Is it working? Then I wouldn’t worry about the error message.

After that, is the empty parented to a head control bone? Does that bone actually exist, or did it perhaps get deleted somehow (like baking to deform bones, or renaming)? What is “” object? What is Camera.010 (don’t get confused with Camera.008)? I might check “focus”'s relations (and the relations of its relations), its parentage and its constraint targets, for anything weird.

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