Help to decode my game for Android, from Windows

Hello everyone!

I did a game only in BGE (logic bricks) and I want to play it in Android, just a test to know if I can learn code to apps.

Please, remember that I don’t know nothing about development (html no count, I think lol).
I hope to use Android Studio (1.2.2) that I have installed. I saw some video showing how to do it with Eclipse, but it’s so old. Eclipse is not used anymore. I think Android Studio is the best way, as it is the new platform do make it. I don’t know, just need help.

Anybody can show me how to do it pass by pass, please? or know some tutorial or video showing how to do? :wink:

what you want is GameKit

there is also a android blender player but its experimental, -

I don’t know what to do with it :stuck_out_tongue:

You should know that the bge does not support the android platform. Therefore it is not the right framework to develop games for that OS.

It does not matter what other tools you have - it still does not support it.

As BluePrintRandom suggested, you can have a look at the game kit (which is not the BGE).

“…decode my game for Android, from Windows” makes not much sense. I guess you meant, how to develop a game for android on windows.

export your objects to unity and learm java. i have tried to use gamekit but as far as i know it is rudementary. you have to learn another programming language to get things that are simple in bge running on gamekit and i also wasnt able to find out how to do multitouch with gamekit.
and at least: most things you learn using gamekit are next to worthless, when you plan to find a job in the android world. android is unity and java til now.
but if there is someone out there to prove me wrong, get here and show us the way. this would be great.

eclipse isnt used anymore??? i used it for the last 2 years and i dont see why i shall stop using it.
android studio works fine but both are only tools. you can get the same stuff running on eclipse and on as