Help!!! to make (The BRIK) - Blender Ragdoll Implementation Kit - work in 2.69 /2.7

I have downloaded the addon and installed it via svn to my blender 2.69 addons folder.
also created another folder named contrib_addons - because the trace back was asking for the files in that location as well?
so i have my mesh/character and an armature that controls it, when i click my armature the BRIK controls appear and i click all the buttons Create structure, Create hit boxes, Link objects, Write game file, Write game logic.

i then placed all the spawn-able objects on layer 2 and spawn point on layer 1.
But from there i’m lost… Because the “introductory video” on the blender wiki page seems to be for 2.5 and the scripts have changed.

Any one know how to use this?, would greatly appreciate any assistance… been at this for 2 & 1/2 months now.

would ideally want to control ragdolls armature with script linking to actions.

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