help to model a duck and a book

hi, i’m doing an animation to help children to learn words, i would like to draw a duck and a book but i don’t have any idea how, i’m new in blender, my questions are:

  1. what mesh should i use?
  2. do i have to do this work first in gimp then in blender?
  3. would you recommend me some tutorial?


  1. There is no specific rule for modeling, you can use box modeling (start from a box or cube), use curves, use extrusion from edges… There are a lot of things you can do. For the duck I would get reference images and go for it with box modeling.

  2. Definitely yes, that would be my go at it, first edit the reference images in Gimp or other image editing software for later use in Blender.

  3. Here’s a good link to help understand all this: