Help to modify LWO import script

Hi, long time since I posted here due to current job. I’m still using Blender commercially everyday in our office pipeline, bouncing .lwo objects through Blender to Maxwell Render.

I have a small request regarding the Lightwave object import script for Blender.

Is it possible to modify the import script, so that the LWO filename is used when creating the Blender mesh object, instead of the current Mesh.001_Mesh.001_surfacename.
Preference would be Lightwavefilename_mesh.001_surfacename.

I’ve checked through the scripts to see if there’s anything obvious, but I can’t seem to find the relevant section.

Any help in advance would be greatly appreciated.

likely the name would be too long - better have all the objects from each blend file added into a group.


is there a limit to how long a mesh name ( OB name ) can be?


good question

hi Shannon,
be free to make a test yourself: type into labelbox - limit is at 21, afaik