Help to research on a hypothetical gaming console study

Dear all:
I am a student of communication design and I am performing a work regarding a marketing campaing for a new gaming console.
It is a hypothetical console with a manmachine connection through biological implants which would allow the user to mentally control the game and to embedd him or herself in virtual scenarios as if they were real scenarios. I am performing a small research to understand what would attract the users to such product and wht kind of core ideas would be attractive for a campaign.
The campaing doesn´t necessarely need to use formal console images, fictious or otherwise( it is not the main concern of the research/project, and it may never be necessary - althou even i need to restrain from conceptualize it in some form/way) .
I would sincerely appreaciate all contributions with ideas and comments regarding such product.

With my best regards,
José Raimundo

Low maintenance would be an important factor; i see bad things happening if people are supposed to be performing surgical grade hygiene before each gaming session…

Not sure the general public would think about that before buying things though.

Btw, is it a two way thing? If yes, which senses are involved in the feedback part? One of the appeals of things like this, even before futuristic tech gets involved, is making the user feel like they are really there; so i guess things like feeling the sand on your feet, or the smell of the flowers, the touch of other people, the g-forces and vibrations etc would all be quite good selling factors.

Another important thing, something that has been advertised but never really delivered so far with pretty much any non-conventional controller: intuitive and responsive controls; being able to get your avatar to actually do everything you want it to do instantly, by doing it yourself (not necessarily physically doing, but without having to depend on you doing something else like pressing a button nor performing a, possibly abstract, gesture); the avatar should really feel like an extension of your own body (or if it’s a first-person thing, a replacement of your own body). For example, to make your avatar walk, you shouldn’t have to physically lean forward, or focus on the “walk” thought, or twitch your face a certain way etc; you should simply move your avatar’s legs.

Perhaps a good ad for something like this would be to get random people on the street (or some other public venue) to try it for the first time, and record both their reactions, the actual gameplay, and then interview them afterwards to let them tell people what it feels like from a non-insider point of view.

Btw, on a slightly off-topic note; there has been some experiments that showed that first-person perspective isn’t necessary to have one’s brain interpret something as part of their own body; if i remember correctly, they had volunteers wear VR helmets, with live feed from a camera somewhere in the room, and after a while the volunteers sense of self was translated from their own body to the image of their body; i think it is sorta like a third-person version of the rubber-hand illusion; so with stuff like tactile feedback involved, games won’t need to be limited to first-person perspective.