help to save High Def animation?

I am really a Newbie. I’m hoping i’m just missing a setting or two… I’ve tried to render (ANIMATE) a file twice using a file that was already set up for me. (probably for a small video for the web?) I am trying to make a short animation for the beginning of a video presentation. the animation is 600 frames. it took me 16 hours to render on my Mac pro. The renderings look perfect while rendering. At 1920 x 1080 HD - the first time i saved it I guess i used Quicktime and the file played perfectly BUT was very low resolution - the file was 5 mb and very pixelated. Next - I’ve used the AVI uncompressed codec - still took 16 hours to ‘render’ - the file was too big to open.(3.8 GB for 20 seconds of animation).

i want to give this little animation to someone to use in a High Definition video they are making for my goddaughter… any ideas would be so appreciated. This is my first attempt with any animation software and I am so lost.

thank you, :confused:


Try ffmpeg… to convert and uncompressed .avi to a compressed div4 video…