help to select a CUDA CARD !

i got a small PC Acer machine with a Power supply of around 350 Watts
it has an HD video card inside which use about 70 Watts I think!

how can I choose a CUDA card that can work with this PC if possible
and how do you check it in terms of power ?

thanks for any feedback

any mid range and mid price will do

JUST DOUBLE CHECK the power requirement
you might need to bump the power supply up to 450 W

but how do I check if power is enough or not ?

right now not certain how I would change the PSU on that PC!

If I go with a TI card it takes like 125 Watts I think
could this work or not ?

again there might be more modern cards with around same Watts at around same price may be!


Changing the PSU isn’t a big deal, they usually fit nicely. You do want to make sure that you have enough physical room for the GPU. Just because a board has a pcie slot doesn’t necessarily mean that the GPU card, which is usually the size of a small Volkswagon, will fit in without crushing other components.

If you don’t want to change PSUs, go for a 750ti. Has nice wattage and size.

just saw a sale for a 730
looks like it is only 25 watts
and a bit faster then the 740 TI

only nice list I found was on wiki for 7XX serie

does it sounds like a better one then the 750 may be

looks like it is a small card so should fit inside small PC box


happy bl

730s are seriously crippled, IMO, and 740s are slightly more power-hungry for less bang. If you want specs (from which I’m talking) go to
I try to balance number of cores/clock speed/RAM type/wattage, others may suggest another metric to compare cards.

In terms of value, the 750 is rated pretty high (better than 750Ti).

With respect to power consumption, it is first generation Maxwell so performance per watt will be much better than Kepler cards (eg 650 or 740) but not as good as 750Ti, which is also first generation Maxwell. I believe that max VRAM will be 2 GB which is not great but better than 1 GB; I’d suggest you go for a 750Ti if you cannot find a 750 with 2 GB VRAM or if you find a 2 GB version and there is little cost difference between the two.

Note that recommended power supply for both 750 and 750Ti is 300 watts per Nvidia specifications (I was expecting a little higher).


750ti looks like a good compromise for my PC
I will check later for any sales around

after checking I found that 730 is probably about same then the card I have
but it does have the cuda soft!
so not really worth spending to get about the same performance.

happy bl