Help transfer File to Mac

I need this file to be converted to Mac with the python scripts working. I tried openning and saving it on a Mac but the sound python script didn’t work. Can someone with a Mac help me transfer this file to a Mac app with the script working? The file should continually play the sound file but only be heard when you are in front of the trumpet. Here is the file:

AFAIK sound in Blender does not work on Mac, it has nothing to do with the script.

Just a little question about your modelisation. If the texture that you use is to small for all the surface of walls. Why don’t your subdivise all part of walls to have many surface to aplys textures … you system seam to be very long !!

:o :o

even THAT would be almost as stupid adrien. Why did you use a seperate object for every part of the wall?! You can tile the texture onto one plane, one face. Just go into uv texturing mode, make sure you’re facing the wall, then hit U and hit from window. What you’ve done is completly unnecessary.