Help trying to rig a sailboard sail

Hi all,

I am trying to rig up a sailboard sail model for animating, i have tried rigging the sail by using lots of bones and just a few bones, creting vertice groups and tidying up by weight painting but, am unable to get a smooth result. I have been reading, “introducing character animation with blender” and found a sail rigging tutorial in Blenderart but I am after a more complex sail shape than that tutorial.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what direction I explore to rig this sail?

here is a screen shot of the sail i am trying to weight paint

here a couple of examples of the real thing

A sail board rig is quite complex because the sail twists off at the top in varying amounts of wind and the mast also flexes. I have had a look at a bird wing rigging tutorial but this was not a whole lot of help for this project.

Suggestions would be much appreciated!!

Cheers Chris


There was a “Rig a Boat’s Rigging” tutorial in Blender ArtMagazine 19 – get it here: