Help Trying to Rig My Hippo

Hey guys,

I need some help. I have been trying to rig this guy for the past two weeks. I have had some minor success posing him, but I just don’t have enough control, and my rig is not working the way I would like. :spin: Any suggestions, or good tutorials? :spin: In the final rig I would like to have control over the ears, fatness (how it giggles or something), and basic facial emotes.


Here is the model:

This image is just me screwing around. lol. :o

There are a few rigging tuts over at which may get on the complex side. The good old Noob_to_Pro covers the basics.

But basically you just need to add a bone where you want to have control. So to move the ears you need a bone there that gives you control of their movement. If you want to alter the fatness of say the ear then scale the bone in the desired axis. If you want to curve the ear then you need extra bones on the side to get the curve, or you can use a lattice modifier to do the curve which could be a simple way to give you more control over ear movement and shape.

Thanks a lot man. That helps greatly.