Help Understanding Quad View

I have a couple questions on the quad viewport that I can’t figure out.

  1. When I am in quad view, and hit Ctrl+Alt+Q it always toggles to the full view of the top-right quad view no matter where the mouse is sitting. According to the Lynda tutorial, it is supposed to toggle to whichever quad view the mouse is hovering on. (I’m using the term “quad view” for the 4 quad angles. I don’t know what they are referred to as)

  2. Additionally, I don’t know how to control which views are at what angles. Meaning, when I go to View > Top it will change my top-right quad’s angle to the top view. If I go to View > Perspective it will change my top-right quad’s angle to perspective.
    How do I control which view quad is affected? Sometimes I want to see the Camera perspective in one view and have the 3d User Perspective in another view, but I can’t do this because all I know how to change is that top right quad.

Turn off ‘Lock’ below the toggle Quad View button

How do I control which view quad is affected?
Use the numpad keys with the mouse cursor in the quad you want to change

thank you that lock was the problem!

As for the second answer, unfortunately I don’t have the numberpad on my keyboard.
I also like using the menu because i am already trying to memorize a lot of blender shortcuts (I am new to the software and am only using it from time to time).

I normally do like shortcuts and will probably use them in the future, but for now is there a way of change these views via the menu? This would be useful to me at least at the moment.

I feel like there probably is a way to do this because now whenever I change the view it now affects the bottom-right quad (not top right anymore like I mentioned in my first post). So I must have changed something in telling Blender which quad I want to affect, but I’m not sure what I did!

Custom “drag and split” viewport solution?

I also realized I can use blenders ability of dragging new viewports and changing those individually. Then each viewport has it’s own menu where I can choose View “Left” “Top” or whatever I want. This is actually pretty great because I can have 3 views (two flat orthographic angles on bottom and a wide perspective view on top). The only thing is I constantly shift my flat angles by accident, turning them into 3d views again. Is there a way to “lock” a viewport where it is so it functions like the views when you are in quad view?

PS: Sorry for all the questions, I have searched tutorials, looked at the manual and googled for these answers without any luck! I always try to use forums only if I can’t find the answer on the web.

If you don’t have a keypad, tick the Emulate Numpad box on the Input panel of the User Preferences window (read the tooltip) :slight_smile:

?Would having an External Number KeyPad attached to the Computer System work?

I bought an External KeyPad for using as a Game Controller; but, I haven’t been using it; because, my Desktop Keyboards, and my Laptop Keybords, have a NumberPad integrated into the Keyboard.

sabba’s tip of “Emulate Numpad” works well.

I not saying it doesn’t work well.

If the guy is using an older Computer System, or using an older Keyboard with the Computer System; maybe, he has an External Number KeyPad available to him.

I am just exploring options for the benefit of others who may have an External Number KeyPad Available to them, like me.