help unwrap


How would i go about unwraping an object such as the on in the picture. I also posted the blend file for you to see as well.

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Darius Kirschner


temp.blend (286 KB)

First lets fix the model. The two ends of it are not the same, one side is fine the other is a mess. I mirrored the model using the good side (left side) then applied the mirror.

Then we are going to need seams, I cut one around the bottom lip, and at the two corners. Then I selected just one section, (L in face mode) and I projected from view (from the top). A little proportional editing in the uv window achieved the final result in the attached blend.

This is definitely a difficult object to try and unwrap. IDK what the project is or what you are trying to achieve, but there is definitely a better way to approach this. If you explained what it was, or what you needed it for, I may have presented a better solution.

You see if it is a picture frame, we would approach it entirely different than a tunnel through a mountain. BTW what is it? What do you want to do with it?


unwrap.blend (231 KB)

thank you for the reply. Attached is move of what i am trying to do. but the walls and curved ceiling will have graphics on them. Any help would be great. the thing i am worried about by do a projected unwarp is: what about the outer parts where the faces getting close and closer to perpendicular to the projected view the graphics will get streched or not look good. Make any sense? please help


temp 2.blend (276 KB)

Here is test segment I unwrapped. It unwraps fine. You just need to unwrap it segment at a time.


But how do I get text to look straight on that unwrap?

How do the text run on the wall, inside or outside, or on rounded ceiling? When you unwrap the wall, you unwrap it flat on UV space. The image will project flat on 3D wall.

thank you for this picture. So I see how the unwrap would work for text (i was looking at the picture on my phone the other day). I need to do the whole inside and outside. this wrap you did looks like i would work but im not really sure how out did it? what do you mean by segment? did you use the model i provided to do that or did you just make one? I do architectual 3d modeling for the company i work for (even started the division using blender) and uwraping has always given me trouble

started working on the project this morning ( need to have rough done by end of day). wall looking at the hallway part of the model and relized how crappy i had modeled it so i redid it now i need to figure out how to wrap the whole interiour and exterier. Cant seem to get my mind around it. If it only takes a min could someone please unwrap it for me?


temp 3.blend (870 KB)

anyone able to help with this please?

any luck anyone?