help unwrapping a book

this is supposed to be trivial, but i don’t know why i couldn’t get this book to unwrap nicely, the problematic island is the selected one in the image… it should look like the island on the left but it’s deformed for some reason…

i attached the blend file…
thanks for looking


book_unwrap.blend (273 KB)

That’s because you have some pinned vertices. Unpinning them makes the shape look good.

If, in Edit Mode, you go to Editing (F9) -> UV Calculation (next to Multires) and change the Unwrapper from Angle Based to Conformal, the unwrap should come out much nicer.

You’ve also got a double vertex in the middle where the paper starts to form the round part, which causes the paper’s unwrap to be split.

Personally, I’d remove some of those seams and just ignore that tiny bit of stretching. You could fit it into a nice 2:1 texture.


thanks so much Zwebbie. i have no idea how those got pinned and that it would make a difference…
i’ll certainly take note of that next time…

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