Help!(Urban Sprawl!)

I Would like to create a quality free game for Sim City fans that they download online. But I am not that experinced at Blender, and I was thinking about making a wiki game! So I was wondering if anybody cuold help with making this game?Please!!Thanks!!:slight_smile:

Don’t get too confident, many open source game collaborations fail for certain reasons.

1). The proposer doesn’t have a solid base plan
2). The development team isn’t well put together
3). The team doesn’t know a commercial quality game can take years to put together
4). They think it’s easier then it really is

You need a game plan, a base, a roadmap, a well put together team, and good project management to succeed.

And don’t get put off either . . . your idea certainly has every chance to suceed. I’d love to help, but as I stated earlier, you need a firm foundation to make this idea grow. As of yet I see none.