Help! Urgent! Render can't see extruded nurbs path - only get grey screen

Hi All,

I have literally picked up blender today for the first time and it’s been about 12 years since I even looked at a 3D program at all.

I just need to create a 3D ribbon in a scene which I can then alpha and insert into a Photoshop comp. I thought I would use it as an excuse to get started learning blender.

Now, I have done watched some tutorials online on and on youtube, and I have successfully extruded a path I have created and got it into the right shape and everything relative to the camera, looking directly through it using 0 on the num pad. I have also adjusted all the obvious things like camera position, focal length, etc - everything is set correctily and ready to go except the path won’t show up in the render!

When I render image all I see is grey. If I add a cube, it will render the cube okay, but my ‘ribbon’ it doesn’t show at all. I can’t think how at all why this is. I know that sometimes this can be from rendering the wrong layer, but I only have one layer in the blend project. I have uploaded the blend file, I hope someone can tell me what the heck I have done wrong or alternatively why paths don’t render? At the moment it has no depth on the ‘z’ axis, just ‘x’ and then an extrude along ‘y’ to literally make the path into a ribbon-shape.

Later on I want to apply an image as a texture to my 3d ribbon but I don’t want to go any further until I can get a rendered output!

here is the .blend file:


I am so confused.

well I remade the curve in a new project. Works fine. Go figure why there’s a problem with that object but what the hell