blender gurus,
need some help…i have new system as below:
amd 3200+ 64 bit
1gb ram dynet
nvidia geforce 6100 onboard
asus a8n-vm motherboard…
now when i start blender…no text, grid, objects, camera, lamp appear…
so please help me…'cos i am confused with the jargon…

First step is to make sure you’ve got the most up-to-date graphics drivers.

Also, putting a more informative title would help too. Like “Display problems” or something like that instead of just “Help”.

thanx for the reply…and sorry @ the title…but what kind of graphic drivers will i need…i got a test version 3dmax7 running in good condition too…so why doesn’t blender? also the system is brand new with all the on board graphics too…

Go here:

Download the Forceware driver for your OS.

Hm, just noticed you have onboard graphics, but I guess the driver should work anyway

thanx nico,
the problem is …blender starts but the grid lines, boxes, cursors and text are all pixelated…and the nvidia card has options for running all kinds of games like wolfenstein…blender worked perfectly on my p-3 which had a 815e motherboard. lets try out what u suggested.