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Sorry theeth for stealing your topic title from Q&A, just thought I would suggest something.

I’ve been looking at a bunch of posts to “I Made This” the last few days and sometimes don’t know what kind’ve criticism or opinion to give because they just post a link or something. When someone posts something and would like opinions, it really helps if we know what your trying to get at with the image, so we know how to crit.


Is it supposed to be cartoony?
Are you trying for realism/photorealism?
Are you trying to portray a feeling or emotion?
What is the effect your trying to get?

Without knowing anything, all we can really say is if it looks good or not and some simple suggestions.


adam casto

Well yeah, that’s an ok idea

I also think people should post more pictures instead of links to pictures

I’ll try to think of this when I post something

  • Stungun

Posting a link to a picture is more considerative towards modem users which can choose to follow a link or not depending on description and are not bloated by image downloads.

Not that I don’t post images hehe… 8)