Help using a reference shot?

Just wondering if I’m going about this the right way. Im sure there is always more than 1 way to accomplish the same goal.

The method of tracing an image for me goes like this (see images). How do I make the faces on all these verts now? How about the side view? lol

Front with reference
Front result
Side vertices

You usually use two reference images – a fronrt and side view in two different 3d windows. Place a vert in the front view and then move it to the correct depth in the side view. To create faces select 3 or 4 verts and press the “s” key. See Torq’s face tutorial thread.


Before you begin, rotate the source image in PaintShop (or any paint program that can rotate) so that it is straight. This will help you create a symmetrical image, so you can do all of the work on one side, then easily copy & duplicate it for the other side.