Help using Dynamic Paint Wet Map to drive Hair Particle Growth

Is it possible to convert a paint wet map to a height map? Long story short, I’m using Dynamic Paint to drive the growth of a hair particle system. I know I can set the surface type to “Weight” instead of “Paint”, but I’m losing the “Spread” effect that you can do with Paint. I’m wanting the particle growth to keep spreading out as the rest of the motion continues, but I can’t do that with just the “height” map in paint. I’m a new user to it won’t let me add images, so here’s a Vimeo link that shows what I’m trying to accomplish, but with height map data.

Thanks all!

The baked wetmap sequence can be used as particle texture to control density and size, in 2.79b

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Thank you! Is there anywhere I can look to figure out how to do that? I’ve been working in 2.8, and I can’t seem to figure it out. Thank you again! Glad to know it’s possible