HELP! UV Editor - Image Color Change

I’m having an issue with the UV Editor. I’ve been working on UV Mapping for a project and have been able to make changes to the image in GIMP and then reload it in the UV Editor. For some reason, when I made changes to the image and reloaded it while my 3D view was in Edit Mode it “flipped” some of the colors in the image. Why? This isn’t the first time this has happened either. I’ve attached 2 images:

  1. What is should look like
  2. What the UV Editor did to my image.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Indeed it seems RGB curves have been “mixed up”. Is it the same with jpg or png?
Have you changed the curves in the Image/UV editor (View > Curves Tool)? Try to reset these maybe.

No I didn’t think to check the curves. Although I did all my image editing in GIMP. I eventually fixed the problem. It turns out its a not a good idea to modify the image outside of blender and then reload it while you’re still actively working with the faces.