Help. UV won't update when I reopen the map and check Modeling tab

My material properties are set to BSDF and my base color is set to my texture map. My UV map is made and I am working on editing textures in Krita. Sometimes I see my edits, I reopen the UV Mapping tab, it’s set to sync, I reopen my texture and I do not see the change when going back to the Modeling tab. This is Blender 3.0. On another note, some things I added in the UV I can see in the texture paint tab are different from the modeling one.

The Sync button doesn’t sync Blender to external sources - you need to go to the Image menu in the editor and click Reload

Thank you for responding. However, my problem was due to the image not being the same as the one in UV map in the Properties tab.

But I still have another unrelated issue. I have two faces not showing texture properly. It’s as if I reset them but they are in the same general location as I projected from view again. The Modeling tab shows this but in Texture Paint it has the textures as I want them.

Demo 1

How do I sync the Texture Paint tab and the Modelling tab? I want to see the proper material in the proper place and I am done UV mapping. Most things show up fine but I have some smaller faces where one isn’t showing any texture and the other looks like a tear of my whole UV map image.