Help: UVMapping a terrain

i have a complex terrain (in terms of features, not polys) with sharp peaks, valleys, cliffs, etc… is there a proper method or technique to uvmap something like this? if i don’t uvmap it, the texture is gonna get stretched a lot.

with lscm unwrap, i’ve tried using the whole mesh and i’ve tried spliting the mesh up a few times. but the uvmap isn’t looking so good.

when i split the mesh, i’m doing so “vertically” (looking down at the mesh). i wonder if splitting the mesh “horizontally” (looking at the mesh from the side) would make a difference?

The best way is to seperate your Vertical parts from your horizontal. And your image should include areas for the vertical slopes, that is slopes photographed (or whatever) along the horizontal.


ok. thats what i was going to try to do next. thanks.

a terrain like this is a bitch because i can slice it up many different ways to improve the uvmap but then i’m gonna get a lot of texture seems. :-?

Yeah, but the cool thing about terrain textures is you can paint over them very successfully.