HELP w. shortcuts

Hello , a few questions about the new ‘2.8’ version . Nice works there, guys
Is it just me , or the ‘ctrl+Tab’ menu > alias change mode between vertice, edge, face … has gone somewhere, to 1 -2 -3 …

now the same shortcut ctrl+Tab - is changed to go ‘Pie menu’ , no advantage there to find yourself in weight paint mode every now and then , … some choices, still i think have been strange , not to say weird indeed
So my 1st question is what function to switch back to that old ctrl+tab: to cycle vertice, edge, face again !! If anybody knows the keymap, thanks

Anyone , how can i switch back to the old ctrl+tab: to cycle vertice, edge, face again?

The easiest thing to do is to just set the keymap to the 2.7x compatible one (Edit menu > preferences > Keymap > dropdown at the top of the window). You can either just use the old one or search for the keybinding ctrl + tab in that keymap and change the shortcut in the new keymap to match what the old one does.

Hi, thanks for the help.