help w/textures

I would like to get into creating textures with my digital camera.

Whats a good size for the textures ?
Does image size matter ?
What file type is preferred for textures?

Hi, generally, the higher the resolution the better the texture will look. I always take photos for textures at 10 megapixel then they can be reduced if needed. It is easier to reduce the size of the photo in a editor later than to enlarge it and lose quality. 1024x1024 is a reasonable size for textures. For tiled textures 500x500 is usually good enough. For sky domes or sky backgrounds the higher the resolution the better so 3000x2000 is not unreasonable. (image sizes used for examples only.)
As for image format. .jpg or .gif or .png depending on how much file size matters.
jpeg=compressed lower quality
gif=compressed mid quality
png=compressed higher quality
Generally jpg is suitable for most 3d textures.
Hope this helps. M.A.

Thanks that’ll work for me

Well this is what I have here collected so far in the past 2 days could you tell me if they are ok to use ? anything I’m doing wrong with the images ?I didnt get to add dl links yet…

before you go too far, there was a good tut about a year ago (?) on creating tile-able textures. The big thing you have to do is make sure the lighting is even and not dark around the edges. To check this, apply the carpet texture to a plane, repeat it like 5 times each way and render. You will see dark “seams”; so you need to even out the brightness of the image. They are nice and flat (good!) and square (good!) (except for the Stop-biohazard sign).