Help Wanted: Blender artist for Indie iPhone Game


(Just so I mention it off the bat, yes, this is a paid position, but only through profit sharing at end of project)

I am in need of an intermediate level 3D modeler / 2D texture artist for help with development of an Indie class iPhone game. Due to the nature of the economy, my primary artist has been forced to take up a few extra projects besides the one I’m currently involved with, and as such I am now looking for somebody to help build a few 3D models along with textures and unwrapping. In particular is low-poly meshes (< 500) exported to .DAE (collada) format. I would like to get somebody who could honestly commit to perhaps 10-15 hours a week, if not more.

The project has been worked on since Nov '08 during the time which I was finishing my M.S. in Computer Science. Since then I have built up a small Indie gaming company entitled “Rogue Pirate Ninja Interactive”, and we’re currently running at about 30,000 combined lines of ObjC code for the game, entitled (atm) “Singularis AG”, along with the back-end engine “geWiz:ES”. It is set to be a rotary puzzle game that is set to launch around May of '09. More details can be provided to those who may be interested (for obvious reasons I can’t say every little detail of the project here).

Compensation is offered via profit sharing at end of project, but if required I can provide small supplements per month (negotiable, but less than 500$ at the absolute most). Completion of project is required to be eligible for profit sharing. Again, more details on this can be provided to those who may be interested.

The project is currently being developed by ~5 people, including myself as lead programmer and project manager, my musician Bradley Burr (aka Prophet of Mephisto, from OCRemix), and my main artist Admiral Potato (and yes that’s what he loves to go by, and yes he is a huge fan of blender), as well as a few other tid bits from a few friends (game designer, programmer, etc.).

I have been the project manager for a variety of small Indie projects here and there, none of which have really been that big (most all were doubled up as college projects), but for those who are interested some of my previous work can be viewed at:

My primary background is game engine architectures and, as mention, I hold a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science. I’ve done programming competitions (made it to world finals once, to Prague in 2005), ran Linux users groups, as well as plenty of other odd jobs. I’m currently working on this project 24/7 and average 12+ hours a day on it.

The next month we’re starting primary development work on the main game components, and although a tad late to be adding team members, we haven’t hit the art assets as heavily as we will be in the next few weeks, so it would be best to get somebody along with the project before its too late.

Yes I know I will probably get trolled a bit for the whole “don’t get paid till it makes money” thing, but it’s better than sitting around and waiting for the economy to go to hell in a handbasket. I know a lot of people come onto forums, such as these, where there is a huge pool of talent, and ask people to help do projects, 95% of which go nowhere, but considering that I’ve spent every day since November at the keyboard, well, just hope that somebody out there sees that I am not just some joe-six-pack, but am legitly pursuing this endeavour.

If anybody is still interested, you can contact me via e-mail at [email protected] (also on g-talk/iChat), as well as MSN Messenger at [email protected].

Thank you for your time,
Johannes von Luck

You have any concept art or descriptions of the kind of models you need?

Sent you a private message, Uncle Entity.


I’m not doing much at the moment, except work on my portfolio.

I might be able to help you out with a few models and textures.


Sent you an email.

As Uncle Entity said… a rough idea of requirements through concept art would be really helpful in deciding whether to consider this. You can PM me as well, or email (see website below).
Here’s the most relevant section of my website:

Edit: It’s not game work of course, but lowpoly models wouldn’t be a problem.

Sounds like an interesting project.

Good luck on your project dude! I’m a bit too busy at the moment else I would have chipped a few voluntarily hours for you. And thanks for using the blenderartists forum.