Help wanted for a glorious free RTS games

this historical FREE game for Linux named 0 A.D is advanced stages of development needs your help !
just take a look at the progress of this game and judge for yourselves.
this game WILL ROCK !

so if you are an artist or a programmer or a musician - you are needed !
if you won’t help this game will be released much later then we hope, so please help if you can.

from the same non-profit company there is another Linux game in the early stages of development, based on the same engine as the previous 0 A.D game.
this game is RTS for J.R.R. Tolkien fans called Last Alliance.
if you want to support this project, feel free to do it.

“How can I help” you asked ? good !

For O A.D :

For The last alliance :

For Wildfiregames (the company that working on those remarkable free games) :

Thanks !

finaly a game worth looking into

wish you the best of luck with your game, man!

Wow, this is by far one of the most impressive freely developped game I’ve seen. I wish you guys the best of luck and I think I’m gonna explore your forums a bit.

I hope you pop up with some awsome new gameplay ideas. Good luck.

im working on something just as big, the open frag project

very very nice game, good luck on it.


thanks for your compliments , but I was hoping that you could participate in the projects.
we are using blender and GIMP and you are the “masters” of that :wink:
so your help is needed.

thanks again.

Could you clarify this, please?

you are free to use Blender
there are already members who uses blender and doing a great job with this wonderful program
you are free to use any 3d program as long as you can import it to .3ds (3dmax).
your help is needed !