Help wanted for a small research about swaping your blender creations

Hello, I am a fairly new designer and more or less new in the world of blender
I picked up blender for the project I am preparing as my final thesis and I’d like
to make sharing my own art as well incorporating the art of others in my own
design a part of my presentation.
So everyone please share your experiences with similar approaches for example with blender swap.
Was the community helpful when you started out?
Did you help others in return when you got more experience? What are the most common questions you get about models you uploaded?
And most importantly how did you approach the incorporation of other people’s art in your own projects?
Any Information would be much appreciated as I am trying to get an idea of others people experience beyond my own point of view. I will probably use following answers in my final project so if you don’t want me to do so, just let me know.
Thanks in advance!